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Beginner’s Guide to Qodot

Welcome! If you get stuck at any time, feel free to ask us on the Qodot Discord.


You should have the latest stable version of both Trenchbroom and Godot Engine installed.

The Official Godot Docs and the Trenchbroom Manual have guides to get you familiar with both programs.

The Additional Resources page has a list of resources to learn more about using Godot and Trenchbroom if you get stuck.

Getting Started

To get started with Qodot, you can read:

  1. Installation to install the plugin to a project that doesn’t have Qodot installed.
  2. Building Maps to learn the absolute basics of building maps using Qodot.
  3. Loading Textures to learn how to connect Trenchbroom to Godot and apply your Godot project’s textures to geometry using Trenchbroom.

By completing the beginner’s guide, you will be able to build and texture maps for Godot using Trenchbroom.

Table of contents