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This is the official documentation for Qodot, a Quake-to-Godot plugin created by Shifty and the Godot community.

Beginner’s Guide to Qodot should be the first place you look if you’re new to the plugin.

What is Qodot?

Qodot is a powerful and complex tool to convert Quake maps into Godot meshes, collisions, and scenes.

You can use map editors like Trenchbroom as a level design tool for your Godot projects. Qodot works as the bridge between Trenchbroom and Godot.

Models and screenshots courtesy of @Sunkper

How to read this guide

Text with a Note: indicates “gotcha” scenarios for less-common situations, or to emphasize any details that are too important to skip during the process.

Text with a Warning: is here to prevent you from losing a lot of progress or time. This usually indicates pitfalls and quirks that limit the flexibility of Qodot.

Text → With → Arrows describes nested, foldable properties or buttons. This can be for either Trenchbroom or Godot.


  • File → Save
  • Transform → Position → X
  • Project → Project Settings → Plugins

The 🚧 emoji means that this section is not totally researched or otherwise incomplete. You are more than welcome to contribute to This website’s Github page to fill out these missing details.

Bug reporting

Please raise an issue on GitHub if you notice any missing information.

If you are struggling to find certain details, it may still be on the old Qodot wiki which is no longer up to date.

The Trenchbroom Manual is the best source of truth for using Trenchbroom.

Who wrote this?

So hi, I’m Ember. I wrote most of the words on these page, based on my own research and coupled with the work Shifty did for the old Qodot wiki. As a tutor, I really like sharing knowledge with people, and I created this out of my desire to see something more comprehensive for teaching how the plugin works.

As time goes on Shifty and I will have less to claim as our own work, you can check the the Contributors list to see who else was involved in writing these docs.

I would like to thank everyone reading, and especially everyone who’s come to give input and feedback on these docs as they’ve developed.

Special Thanks

The Jekyll theme is Just the Docs made by pmarsceill.

Shifty for making such a cool plugin that’s enabled so many developers to make stand-out games in the indie sphere.