This is the official documentation for Qodot, a Quake-to-Godot plugin created by Shifty and the Godot community.

Beginner’s Guide to Qodot should be the first place you look if you’re new to the plugin.

What is Qodot?

Qodot is a powerful and complex tool to convert Quake maps to Godot geometry and collisions.

Qodot interprets Quake entities as Godot nodes. The entity system can be extended to instantiate Godot scenes with user-made Quake entities.

Trenchbroom is the most supported level design tool for creating maps in Qodot.

Models and screenshots courtesy of @Sunkper

What version should I use?

There are two versions of Qodot supported:

These docs try to account for both versions of the tool. If there is any discrepancy between versions that these docs miss, please make an issue on GitHub.


Check the the Contributors list to see who was involved in writing these docs.

Special Thanks

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Shifty for enabling many Godot developers to make stand-out level design in their games.