Additional Resources

Here’s a list of learning resources and assets for you to use in your Godot games.

  1. Additional Resources
  2. Learning Resources
    1. Community Forums and Discords
    2. Trenchbroom Manual
    3. Other Editors
    4. Video Tutorials
    5. Creating Textures
    6. Creating Character Controllers
    7. Level Design
  3. Free Assets
    1. Free Textures
    2. Free Character Controllers

Learning Resources

There are an amazing handful of resources on how use Trenchbroom and Godot. Here are only a few of them:

Community Forums and Discords

If you need help during any step of the process, you can reach out to these communities to get more info about the corresponding process.

Trenchbroom Manual

Most quirks, setup, and explanations of Trenchbroom’s features are in text through the Trenchbroom manual:

Other Editors

Technically, other editors can be configured to support user-made game definitions with Qodot.

QuakeWiki provides a list of mapping tools for Quake.

Video Tutorials

dumptruck_ds’s Tutorial Series: Quake Mapping in Trenchbroom

JohnathanLinat’s Quake Level Design Starterkit exists as a way to help speed up the setup process of the above tutorial series.

Creating Textures

AmbientCG’s PBR creation process documented in-full:

Quake Builder’s YouTube video on Creating Quake-like textures with Asesprite.

Creating Character Controllers

Where to learn to make your own character controller in Godot.

Name Link
Shifty’s Manifesto Markdown Pastebin Link
Nvidea Gameworks on Stair-Stepping Nvidea Gameworks Docs

Level Design

Quake Builder’s YouTube Videos on:

Chubzdoomer’s YouTube video on John Romero’s Level Design Rules in DOOM.

Following a style: Archived gamespy text interview with John Romero.

Free Assets

All asset download sites here are free, or provide free downloads of some sort. Any site that require registration or offer additional resources behind a paywall are noted.

Free Textures

Name License Link
Kenney CC0
Prototype WAD CC0
AmbientCG Public Domain
OpenGameArt Varies
Polyhaven CC0
JulioVII’s Texture Packs CC0, some paid
Sketchup Texture Club CC0, requires email

Free Character Controllers

Version Author Node Type Link
Godot 3 fossegutten KinematicBody fossegutten’s Simple Q3 Controller on Github
Godot 3 GarbajYT KinematicBody GarbajYT’s Godot Updated FPS Controller on Github